Resources for Prisoners and Their Families

Resources for prisoners and their families
We are always in search of reliable resources for prisoners and their families. Often online resource lists have outdated material and prisoners waste their stamps in writing. If you are aware of a listing we have here that is defunct or if you would like us to add something, please let us know . Email us at

Department of Justice
here are two kinds of investigations possible.

1)Reports of excessive use of force by guards go to the "criminal division" are considered for investigation if there is a tape, or witnesses ( other prisoners are okay)and/or evidence if damage.
2)Conditions of confinement issues are looked at by the "special litigation counsel."

write to:
U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division;
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.;Criminal Section, PHB;
Washington, D.C. 20530

Prisoners should write : "Attorney Mail Privileged" on the envelope.

When YOU Need Help
Remember your legislators are elected to help you- that’s their job. Know who represents your district and call them.
For Wisconsin residents:Who are my legislators- Wisconsin

For anywhere else in the US: anywhere USA:

a)Transport to the prisons:At present FFUP knows of two services going from Milwaukee to most of Wisconsin's prisons. You must call for an appointment and prices vary.

Voices to the Prisons; Ms. Boyd ; 1-414-687-9828;
"Your family unification/re-unification program ministering to heal, connect and build families through transportation and support group settings." Servicing Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha and more. If you don't get an answer please leave name, institution, phone number and a call will be returned."

P.O.H. Family Transportation Services; Robin Saffold ; 414-395-7413; 414-350-8571
" Our #1 priority is keeping families with children connected"

1) Department of Corrections (DOC)
for complaints about prisoner’s health care treatment contact
James Greer
Director of Health services
PO Box 7925; Madison, WI 53707

Office of the Secretary
Mr. Gary Hamblin, Secretary
Mr. Charles Cole, Deputy Secretary
Mr. Dennis Schuh, Executive Assistant
Mr, Daniel Westfield, Security Chief
Phone:(608) 240-5055, FAX: (608) 240-3305
3099 East Washington Avenue Post Office Box 7925; Madison, Wl, 53707-7925
General Public Information Phone: 608-240-5104

The Parole Commission
New parole Chairperson Kathleen Nagle
Wisconsin Earned Release Review Commission
3099 East Washington Avenue
PO Box 7960
Madison, WI 53707

2)Office of the Governor
Governor Scott Walker
Madison Office P.O. Box 7863 Madison, Wl 53707 608-266-1212

You may get no answer but you will have informed.
Senate Committee on Judiciary, Utilities,
Commerce, and Government Operations

First, Lena Taylor is no longer on judiciary committee. We will have to establish new ties.
Senate Committee on Judiciary, Utilities,
Commerce, and Government Operations
Senator Zipperer (R)(Chair)
Senator Neil Kedzie(R) (Vice-Chair)
Senator Pam Galloway (R)
Senator Fred Risser (D)
Senator Jon Erpenbach (D)
Address for all:
Senator's name; P.O. Box 7882;Madison, WI 53707-7882

Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Corrections
Representative Gary Bies (Chair)R ;
Representative Andre Jacques (Vice Chair)R
Rep Steve Kestell R
Rep Ed Brooks R
Rep Scott Krug R
Rep Frederick Kessler D
Rep Robert Turner D
Mailing Address: PO Box 8952 (Reps A-L) or PO Box 8953 (Reps M-Z), Madison, WI 53708

Other concerned legislators

Representative Tamara Grigsby State Capitol Room 122 North P.O. Box 8952 Madison, Wl 53708 -608-246-0645
Representative Leon D. Young;State Capitol Room 118 North P.O. Box 8953 Madison 53708 (608) 266-3786
Senator Spencer Coggs ;Room 22 South State Capitol P.O. Box 7882 Madison 53707-7882 (608) 266-2500

4)LAIP: Legal Assistance to Institutionalized Persons (LAIP)/Frank J. Remington Center
does no in-prison advocacy but does help with teaching facts of the law
students work under the supervision of clinical faculty to provide legal assistance to state and federal prison inmates throughout Wisconsin. Each student visits one or more prisons and interviews inmates about their concerns. These may include a variety of issues such as family law problems, postconviction criminal law, sentence credit questions, and resolution of pending fines or charges. Students then research the facts and the law; talk to parties, prior attorneys, or opposing counsel; draft legal correspondence and pleadings; and may even appear in court on behalf of clients. LAIP conducts regular screening interviews, and an inmate who wants assistance from LAIP should not write or call LAIP but rather sign up for an "LAIP interview" at the institution.
Email;Phones:(608) 262-1002 -- Receptionist Desk;(608) 262-3764 --
Meredith Ross, Director
4318 Law Building
975 Bascom Mall
Madison, WI 53706

Family Law project is part of LAIP:
In the Family Law Project (FLP), students have the opportunity to help incarcerated parents and their children by representing male and female prison inmates in divorce, paternity, custody/placement and child support cases in various stages of litigation
Attention:Professor Leslie Shear
Family Law Project
Frank J. Remington Center
University of Wisconsin Law School
975 Bascom Mall, Madison, WI 53706
Receptionist Desk;(608) 262-3764

NON PROFITS- Legal and Advocacy-Wisconsin

Legal Action of Wisconsin: Helps low income people with legal issues. Helps mentally ill and disabled prisoners get on SSI before they leave prison- referrals by prison social work . Inmates would ask their social worker to request interview.
Legal Action - La Crosse
205 5th Avenue South
La Crosse, WI
Tel: (608)785-2809

Legal Action - Madison
31 South Mills Street
Madison, WI
Tel: (608)256-3304

Legal Action - Milwaukee
230 W Wells Street
Milwaukee, WI
Tel: 414-278-7722
© 2012 Legal Action of Wisconsin

mental health abuse
Disability Rights Wisconsin
131 W Wilson st; MADISON, Wi 53703
Dane County Contact person Jeff Spitzer-Resnick
email spitzer @
Statewide helplines on specific issues:
Disability Drug Benefit Helpline (Medicare Part D): 800-926-4862
Disability Voting Rights Helpline: 800-928-8778

National Lawyers Guild WI Atty.
Patricia K. Hammel;Herrick & Kasdorf LLP;
16 N Carroll St # 500; Madison, Wl 53703-2773

Possible media outlet:, the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism
We welcome story tips and suggestions!
The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism focuses upon government integrity and quality-of-life issues.
Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism
5006 Vilas Communication Hall
821 University Ave.
Madison, WI 53706
Phone: 608-262-3642
Email:Executive Director Andy Hall:
General questions or comments:

see Naljor post on this blog for long list of national resources

National legal and advocacy
Amnesty International
5 Penn Plaza -14th floor
New York, NY 10001

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